Musik, Jazz

Special Performance by MAZO

"Mac Abbé Et Le Zombi Orchestra"
26 Oktober 2017, Pukul 15.00-21.00
Universitas Padjajaran

di Jalan Rengganis (Sebelah Gerlam), UNPAD


Himpunan Mahasiswa Hubungan Internasional Universitas Padjadjaran proudly presents:


IR FEST 2017 "Inspiring Entrepreneurial Spirit through International Culture"


Get ready for an event full of amazing performances, with our special guest star "Mac Abbé Et Le Zombi Orchestra", a miscellaneous group of French current music scene, combining black humor, derision, a music that is both demanding and festive, jubilant way! IR FEST 2017 is a cultural festival that hopes to grow an entrepeneurship soul through the love of many nations' culture.


26 October 2017



Special Performance by:

- MAZO (Mac Abbé Et Le Zombi Orchestra)

- Groovy Goover

- Black Smith

- International Relations Communities: HI Move, Harmony, Saman HI

- Other special performances from: IR Unpad Students Batch 2017 up to 2013, Submitted Band

- and Many More


There is also many tasty food and beverages such as:

- Afrokatsu

- Ayam Geprek Siluman

- Madeum Thai Tea

- and Many More 

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